Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy

A New Course
for the Republic

First President Nursultan Nazarbayev set the Republic on a new course of economic, social and political modernization and development. The Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy implements seven long-term priorities to be among the top 30 global economies by 2050 through sustainable domestic development, political cooperation with peace- and prosperty-seeking nations, digitalization, civil and social modernization and national pride.

Universal economic pragmatism

This provides for a comprehensive economic modernization, including infrastructure development, modernization of the system of managing the state assets, natural resources, modernization of the agricultural sector and water resources.

Strong business – strong state

Kazakhstan provides support to small and medium enterprises. The Government introduced new model of public private partnership ‘Strong business – strong state’ to build a robust dialogue on the principles of public private partnership. The country also started a large-scale privatization.

Strong social welfare system and human rights protection

New social policy focuses on measures to develop a strong social welfare system, protect motherhood and children’s rights and improve the country’s healthcare system.

Supporting youth, education and innovative research

This priority recognizes the importance of quality education and innovative technologies. Kazakhstan invests in creating an education system that promotes the growth of the nation. The Government also supports innovative tehcnologies and research.

Promoting anti-corruption measures and a new type of state governance

A new type of public management must meet the new tasks of serving society and strengthening the state. This includes decentraliation of power, creating a professional state apparatus, new system of interaction between state apparatus and business community, fight against corruption and supporting of the rule of law.

Modernization of foreign policy priorities

Kazakhstan has matured since independence into a fully-fledged participant in international processes. As part of 2050 Strategy, Kazakhstan continues its economic and trade diplomacy, strengthening regional security and national defense capacity.

Preserving and strengthening the public consent

This priority focuses on creating a sense of pride and belonging of Kazakhstan citizens. It is important to maintain equality of citizens of all ethnic groups, while preserving traditions and culture.