Incentives & Benefits

Stability, Modernized Infrastructure
& Access to New Markets

Kazakhstan's Investment Policy

has prioritized investor rights and protections, and progressive incentives that have resulted in measurable economic growth, tangible modernizations, and the preferred destination for 75% of all captial inflows into Central Asia.

A first-class global financial Hub

The AIFC offers special tax exemptions and grants, a special migration and labour regime, and access to global capital markets via advanced #fintech and digital infrastructure. The AIFC Court and International Arbitration Centre provides an English common law court system chaired by international judges with extensive judicial experience, and the Centre’s official language for busines is English.

Tax Exemptions & Credits

Special Economic Zones give the benefit of 0% corporate income tax, 0% land or property tax, 0% VAT rate on supplies of products consumed or receive value-add manufacturing within the zones. More than 318 projects are to launch between 2019-2021 within Kazakhstan’s economic and industrial zones.

Tech-optimized Infrastructure

It is expected that by 2021 more than $1.3 billion worth of projects will launch in the industrial zones. Investors have access to modernized, technology-optimized infrastructure, and can receive long-term leases, and progressive depreciation and repayment schedules. There are no sectoral restrictions. 5G networks are to be implemented in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent by 2021.

grants, subsidies, tax exemptions

Foreign investors can receive in-kind state grants for certrain capital investments, land, construction of buildings, equipment, etc.) Investors also enjoy 0% corporate income, land and property taxes and can receive investment subsidies of up to 30% rebate on construction expenses, and can be exempt from customs duties and VAT on imports. Foreign investors benefit from a simplified procedure for employment of foreign workers.

Supporting Sustainable Development

Kazakhstan economy today is multi-faceted and dynamic beyond extractive industres. New international investors can take comfort in knowing that Kazakhstan shares the investment philosophy of international finanical partners like the Eurpean Bank of Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), World Bank and Asian Development Bank. The EBRD - the largeset financer of FDI projects in Kazakhstan - holds a portfolio that includes agribusiness, power and energy, financial services, information & communication technologies, municipal & environmental infrastructure, mining and transportation, and some more recent targeted for small business and women’s entrepreneurship. Projects financed by the EBRD ultimately benefit all investors and create a better doing business environment.