Year Author Title Source URL Places Visited
1255 Rubruck, William of The Journey of William of Rubruck to the Eastern Parts of the World, 1253-55 Link Great Steppe
1300 Polo, Marco and Rustichello da Pisa Book of the Marvels of the World Link Great Steppe
1327 Odoric of Pordenone The Travels of Friar Odoric of Pordenone (1316-1330) Link Great Steppe
1560 Jenkinson, Anthony Anthony Jenkinson's Explorations on the Land Route to China, 1558-1569 Link Mangystau
1684 Struys, Jan Janszoon The Voiages and Travels of John Struys through Italy, Greece, Muscovy, Tartary, Media, Persia, East-India, Japan, and other Countries in Europe, Africa and Asia Link Great Steppe
1736 Castle, John Into the Kazakh Steppe: John Castle's Mission to Khan Abulkhayir Great Steppe
1823 Nazarov, Filipp Russian missions into the interior of Asia Link Orenberg to Aral through Aktobe
1840 Murchison Murchison's wanderings in Russia Great Steppe
1858 Atkinson, Thomas Witlam Oriental and western Siberia : a narrative of seven years' exploration and adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and a part of central Asia Link Zyryanovsk, Murzinka, Kishi Narym, Úlken Narym, (Werchnayan Pristan), Oskemen, Bukhtarma, (Bouloshnia), (Tulovskoj Simovee), Koch-bouchta
1860 Atkinson, Thomas Witlam Travels in the Regions of the Upper and Lower Amoor Link Semipalatinsk, Lepsinsk, Kopal
1865 Zaleski, Bronislas La Vie des steppes kirghizes Link Mangystau
1863 Atkinson, Lucy Recollections of Tartar steppes and their inhabitants Link Semipalatinsk, Lepsinsk, Kopal
1874 J.A. MacGahan Campaigning on the Oxus, and the fall of Khiva Link Orenburg, Kazalinsk, Kyzylorda
1875 Forsyth, Thomas Douglas Report of a Mission to Yarkund in 1873, Under Command of Sir T. D. Forsyth Link None (but mentions Almati)
1876 Wood, Herbert The Shores of Lake Aral Link Kazalinsk
1876 Schuyler, Eugene Turkistan: Notes of a Journey in Russian Turkistan, Khokand, Bukhara, and Kuldja Link Taraz (Aulie-Ata), Almaty (Vierny), Kopal, Balkash, Altyn-Emel, Koktal (Borokhudzir)
1876 Frederick Gustavus Burnaby A Ride to Khiva: Travels and Adventures in Central Asia Link Uralsk, Karabutak, Yrgyz, Terekli, Soppak, Kazalinsk (Kasala)
1884 Abbott, James Narrative of a journey from Heraut to Khiva, Moscow, and St. Petersburgh, during the late Russian invasion of Khiva Atyrau, Uralsk
1886 Bateson, William Letters from the Steppe written in the years 1886-87 Link Aral Sea
1887 Lansdell, Henry Russian Central Asia: Including Kuldja, Bokhara, Khiva and Merv Pavlodar, Semipalatinsk, Sergiopol, Almaty, Altyn-Emel, Kopal
1892 Jones, Herbert From Tian Shan to the Pamirs: Experiences on the Russo-Chinese Frontier. Link None (but mentions Verni)
1893 Lansdell, Henry Chinese Central Asia; a ride to Little Tibet Link Otar, Uzun Agach, Almaty, Ilisk, Zharkent
1896 Brehm, Alfred Edmund From North Pole to equator: studies of wild life and scenes in many lands Semipalatinsk, Sergiopol, Arkat mountains
1897 Mersey, Clive Bigham A ride through western Asia Link Verniy, Iliskoe, Kopal, Sergiopol, Semipalatinsk
1898 Hedin, Sven Anders Through Asia Link Buguti-sai, Tamdi, Kara-butak, Kum-sai, Kara-sai, Irghiz, Ak-sai, Terekli, Juluz, Konstantinovskaya, Kamishli-bash, Ak-julpaz, Yunyskaya, Kazalinsk, Karmakchi, Alexandrovskaya, Semionnovskaya, Fort Perovsk, Julsk, Mesheh-uli, Yani-kurgan, Tash-suat,Turkestan, Ikan, Nagai-kura, Aris, Buru-jar
1899 Jefferson, Robert A New Ride to Khiva Link Kazalinsk
1900 Cobbold, Ralph Patterson Innermost Asia : travel & sport in the Pamirs Link Karabulak, Osunagach, Vierny, Chilik, Ilinsk, Balkash, Samsay, Otar
1905 Ronaldshay, Dundas, Lawrence John Lumley, Earl of On the outskirts of empire in Asia Link Shymkent, Verni, Altin-Imel, Kopa, Sergiopol, Semipalatinsk
1905 Pumpelly, Raphael Explorations in Turkestan with an account of the basin of Eastern Persia and Sistan Link Vyernyi, Iliisk, Sergiopol, Semipalatinsk
1910 Wood, John Nicholas Price Travel & Sport in Turkestan. Link Khargos, Jarkend,Khoi Bin, Vyerni
1915 Bury, Herbert Russian life to-day Petropavlovsk, Spassky Copper Mine
1916 Wardell, John Wilford In the Kirghiz Steppes Link Balkash
1916 Graham, Stephen Through Russian central Asia Link Vyerni, Ilisk, Zharkent
1916 Fell, Edward Nelson Russian and Nomad Link Balkash
1934 Gibson, William James Wild career: my crowded years of adventure in Russia and the Near East Link Almaty
1920 Sykes Through deserts and oases of central Asia Link Orenburg-Tashkent train
1925 Fox, Ralph People of the Steppe Link Aral Sea
1928 Noble, Algernon Siberian days: an engineer’s record of travel and adventure in the wilds of Siberia "Kirghiz steppe"
1929 Roerich, Nicholas Altai-Himalaya: A Travel Diary Link Zaisan, Semipalatinsk
1934 Maillart, Ella Turkestan Solo Link Aral Sea
1936 Edward Murray With the Nomads of Central Asia Link
1937 Krist, Gustav Alone Through the Forbidden Land: Journeys in Disguise through Soviet Central Asia Link Fort Shevchenko